This is not a communist party

The major reason for the failure of communism is: Citizens DO NOT REAP WHAT THEY SAW i.e. they do not see or own the fruits of their HARD LABOR. In its purist form: Citizens do not own anything, on the contrary the GOVERNMENT owns everything. Consequently, there are severe CONSTRICTIONS of personal or citizens FREEDOMS.
Sadly, in the U.S. there are over 50 codes in over 53 volumes of over 500 pages each, not to mention volumes of other Federal regulations. Moreover, e.g. in California there are 29 codes, most of those codes are over 800 pages each, aside from other State regulations. additionally, there are so many Counties and Cities ordinances, rules and regulations. Citizens are suffocated to the max. by countless volumes of laws, the majority of which are RESTRICTIVE. Those enormous laws, rules and regulations MUST BE SIMPLIFIED to restore the GOD given FREEDOMS without abuse.  
This party is about saving our country from the most stupid policies which lasted decades


This party has plans (Well thought of and ready to be implemented when this party's candidates become elected): First: To slow down the additions to the national debt and shrink the budget's deficit.  Second: To halt any additions to the national debt and balance the budget. Third: To start paying off the national debt each year to reduce said debt slowly but surely.