People’s party is for ALL AMERICANS (each and every U.S. citizen.)  People’s Party is for the benefit of every American. Therefore, the GREATEST CHARTER will be written in simple English so that 99.9% of U.S. citizens will understand it. 


TRUE, NOT MAKE BELIEVE, FAIRNESS AND JUSTICE to all Americans. True Fairness is coming to America. 

The National Debt constitutes a major problem.  People’s party has a three stage plan to deal with that super huge debt.

First: To slow down the additions to the national debt and shrink the budget's deficit.  Second: To halt any additions to the national debt and balance the budget. Third: To start paying off the national debt each year to reduce said debt slowly but surely.

Crimes constitute major problem for the entire U.S.A. and must be dealt with by PREVENTION first and foremost. An ounce of prevention is better than tons of cure. We can spend 50% of what we spend now on (policing and punishment, roughly $600,000,000,000 each year) and reduce crimes by at least 75%. We will introduce intelligent policies instead of the status quo.

The laws, rules and regulations: Federal and of each state, county and city are shackling people’s freedoms and all those MUST BE SIMPLIFIED and reduced to the necessary minimum. 

People’s party, in control of a TRUE Democratic Government will make Friends of most nations on earth. People’s party will encourage manufacturers of all American products to be the Best products in the World. People’s party will promote all the products made in the USA to all people who dwell on earth and will ask the manufacturers to price their products reasonably and competitively.     

People’s party wants to make each citizen SOAR as high as he or she can. The government should do whatever it can to promote and encourage each citizen to soar and achieve the best he or she can achieve. 

The breakdown of families causes many problems and government should help in every way to alleviate this major problem for the sake of  the children who need to be in stable LOVING families so that they can achieve their potential without psychological problems, hardship or stress. 

EDUCATION is as important as raising children in stable loving homes. We have to educate students in the best and smartest way, spending reasonable money using smart ways to get the best for each buck spent. We can use a televised show once a year to reward excellence in schools and universities {that is one small effective measure among myriad measures to promote excellence}. Education must be the best.

As a sound mind is in a sound body. So sports and physical activities should be encouraged and rewarded. Spending money very wisely on those activities.

AGRICULTURE: had been since the beginning of time when farmers used primitive methods and equipments. Most of its products are FOOD for humans and also for lots of animals which eat plant products. Since then and throughout the centuries farmers used animals then machinery and advanced methods to improve quality and production. In the U.S. we have a lot of advances in production but still can be expanded and improved, so that our agriculture production will soar and be immense. 

MANUFACTURING AND INDUSTRIES: Since the industrial revolution a huge number of industries developed and many manufactured products have been produced and still being produced utilizing improved methods and machinery. We still can improve and advance. The people’s party shall help in all ways.

BUSINESSES AND COMMERCE: Along with industries comes business and commerce driven by excellence. Both manufacturing and commerce employ vast number of people giving employees a way of earning honest living and it is a mutual benefit.

CONSTRUCTION is essential for housing, commercial and industrial buildings. People’s party will always encourage and facilitate construction as well as industries, services, businesses and commerce. 

TECHNOLOGY AND ADVANCES: Since the Renaissance science and technology showed some advances.  In the past decades science and technology showed so many advances. Advances shall be encouraged, helped and facilitated sharply.

HEALTH AND MEDICINE AND RESEARCH: Both health care and medicine are essential to humans and both can advance by research. People’s party will help in every way in those fields. We need to make big strides in health care, research and medicine.

MORALS AND VALUES: Any society, people or nation must have strong moral values. People’s party will strongly promote the best values so that Americans can be the envy of the world and where ever they go they will be good ambassadors of good will and of the highest moral standards.

THE LEGISLATIVE BRANCH: Representatives in all legislative bodies must be TRUE representatives of the people they claim to represent. People’s party will ensure that true representation is accomplished.

THE JUDICIAL BRANCH: judges existed since early history and their function is essentially to administer justice and judge disputes, however judges in the U.S. are running that branch as an exclusive country club and they elevated themselves above everyone else, dispensing injustice in so many cases. Any behavior less than good will be grounds for impeachment as the constitution states: “shall hold term during good behavior”. Honesty in performing their duties is a must. There is no provision in the U.S. Constitution that a judge can interpret the law period. That phrase was made by judges to inflate their power as some of them are power mongers. They must conduct themselves with the highest standards.

Environment: We must be good stewards of this planet. People’s party will actively promote the real issues facing our planet and everything thereupon.

The above are the tenets, doctrines, principles and platform, of this party.

When this GREATEST CHARTER is completed, amended and finalized, it will be published in pdf format