Republican and Democratic Administrations sacrificed so many young American lives in the most STUPID WAYS (wars in: Korea, Vietnam and Iraq. Millions of Human lives perished in those wars). Both parties have NO REGARD for HUMANS LIVES. Young lives had been cut so short because of the stupidity of both parties policies. Both parties have too much blood on their hands (millions of gallons of blood, enough to make a river of blood).

 Republicans and Democrats are responsible for Trillions of dollars added to the national debt. Suffice to say when Reagan took office the national debt was less than ONE Trillion, now over $22 Trillions↑↑. Reagan, Bush (son) and Obama are responsible for the huge additions to the national debt. Both parties firmly think that there is no better way dealing with the National Debt but to increase it. that is yet, a VERY STUPID POLICY. That debt is about $66,500↑↑ per each citizen including children, even new born babies. None of the U.S. citizens borrowed that sum or saw a single dollar of it in their hands or their pockets. The PEOPLE'S PARTY HAS A THREE STAGES PLAN TO DEAL WITH THAT DEBT. Click Here to see brief synopsis.

Misery loves company.  Likewise, STUPIDITY loves company. The makers of stupid policies love stupid people. The SMART people love to make smart policies, need I say more. Soon you will be able to join the: PEOPLE'S PARTY
teachers end of strike

NEVER AGAIN: The U.S. government sending your young adult children and grand children to be slain, sent to be slaughtered and sacrificed by the most stupid policies as Democratic and Replication Administrations did for decades. It is the duty, obligation and the right thing to do, of the government to defend its territories and its citizens and to go after the attackers but not to invade or support or topple other governments or regimes. In emergent but EXIGENT situations the government may use military power but with quick exit strategy if the U.S. Citizens demanded it. The use of referendum is proper in that regard and must be done as soon as possible but not to exceed 45 days from the first day of engaging any military force, hence said use must be very sparingly. It is utterly unintelligent to sacrifice more citizens than those who were attacked like what happened in the Iraqi war. The U.S. Government must use intelligent policies period.


A statement against President Trump, Click Here

Kushner & Netanyahu plan is very much doomed before it is announced. It will fail miserably. Both of them must think thrice before they offer any plan. Click Here to read an article in the Jewish Journal. Pay attention to the comment by a brooking Institute senior person.
2.  DOMESTICALLY in many respects:
He has been bulling the MEDIA since he was a candidate, bulling a lot of people to get his way; Firing of cabinet members and staff; Forcing Attorney General Sessions to resign because he would not interfere to end the Russian investigation is nothing less than  OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.                  Click Here to find the names of those people who worked for the Trump Administration and now no longer in that Administration for one reason or another. You can use a search engine to find more info. about their outing.
3. President Trump vs. 9th circuit judges and C.J. Roberts. Click Here to read more
4. Adding over 2 Trillion extra dollars  to the NATIONAL DEBT, etc.
Although I did not want to comment about this administration's current policies, (but I cannot totally avoid those non-smart policies, namely separating children from their families and building a wall) Yes, the borders must be more secure but not with a wall because it is COSTLY and if there is a WILL, there is a WAY to come to the U.S.

My advice to Trump is: Think twice before you implement any policy unless you want to be constantly ridiculed. Start playing Chess because that will help you think about the reaction to your actions before each move at least 6 moves in advance.           

Click here to find truthful and honest messages / facts, not sugar coated. Honesty, reality and truthfulness is what this website is all about.  Also the same is what the PEOPLE'S PARTY going to be, NO deception or make believe or twisting and yes no stupid policies by this party. Only true Democracy and very intelligent policies
You can read those messages, you have permission to broadcast them, POST THEM anywhere. For printing purposes use the PDF which is designed for 8.5x11 inches with high resolution so they can also be magnified without loss of quality.

U.S. STATISTICS: Registered voters are about 111 millions   Democrats about 45M, Republicans about 33M.  Adults (over 18y) are about 286M. Total U.S. population 329M. Only about 38% of adults are registered to vote.  U.S. citizens who are eligible to vote are about 230 M.  Persons under the age of 18 are about 24%. Legal aliens are about 40M including children. Illegal immigrants are about 13M. Less than 50% of registered voters participate in elections. Obviously the US citizens who do not vote are in fact voting “No Confidence” in the system.

Republicans and Democrats are at each other throats, so to speak. Each blame the other. Trump is saying that Democrats stole 2 years of his presidency, what a shame. He wants total DICTATORSHIP.

It is imperative that more than 50% of the adult population i.e. more than 144 million join PEOPLE’S PARTY. Said party will eliminate the blame game and work for what is best for all U.S. citizens. PEOPLE’S PARTY has a better agenda and platform and promises intelligent policies period. I am making this party to deal with the MESS (Stupid policies, super huge debt, highest crime rate, no regard for human lives, huge homeless population etc.) I did NOT create this MESS. I am just reporting the mess to open your eyes. However PEOPLE’S PARTY has solutions. Give a good reason not to join this new party !!! 


1.  California legislators, for long time, have low I.Q. They do not know how to make laws, particularly consistent with CA and U.S. Constitutions. For over 5 decades there are sections in the Code of Civil Procedures which a moron can tell that they clearly violate both CA & U.S. Constitutions.
Sadly, people get elected based on:
NAME RECOGNITION.  If they can get money from donors enough to have their name recognized by the biggest number of voters they get elected. HOWEVER, pay back is a must and that is attained by favors to those donors, never mind the voters who voted for them, they get nothing or may be just a little. If the voters get little, that is a by-product.

1. The U.S. is the most indebted nation on Earth. The national debt is over 22 Trillion dollars (22 X million X million times). The next nation (Japan) according to one website, its national debt is about half that of the USA.
The US national debt is about 35% of the national debt of all countries in the world or about 52% of the debts of all other countries in the world combined.

Click Here to view websites that give you the current amount of the US national debt along with other information.

Click Here to see horrible conditions in the USA

2.  The U.S. has the highest number of Criminals and Crimes. Over 3 million people are in jails / prisons at all times. The tax payer is paying for:
A. All jails which include jailers' salaries, food, buildings and electricity etc.
B. There are about 1.5 million police men and women which cost the tax payer roughly 600 Billion dollars each year which include their salaries, pensions, the cars they drive and the gasoline used and the building that house those officers. Guess what: with all that in place, still the US has the highest crime rate which far exceeds any other country in the world period.
C. Not to mention the cost of courts that process those criminals. Worth mentioning that lawyers who control the judicial system and almost half of the legislators are law school graduates and many of them work in the executive branch, all those law school graduates like to keep all that going to benefit themselves. Watch out for the scum bags who pretend that they are professionals but they are filthy, no good period. They are just using the tax payer.
Click Here  to read about crimes in the good USA

1. The US helped create ISIS, the worst terrorist organization ever. At its inception the US financed it and armed it. CIA and the Dept. of Defense trained some of its fighters. We, in the USA say that we are against terrorism, The US is the  biggest supporter of the latest terrorists' organizations. What a terrible hypocrisy!.

Click Here to see some clips affirming what I stated above. ISIS terrorists have killed so many innocent people in many countries: In the USA (many cities), Europe, Middle East, even Asian countries. Whoever plays with fire must get burned. Reagan's administration helped the Taliban against Russia and they turned against the USA. Obama's government helped the Libyan rebels and later they killed the US ambassador with other Americans.
Are those examples the most STUPID policies ?!!!

2. The government of Syria never supported any attacks against the US. However, the US is trying to overturn the Government of Syria by supporting the rebels who are mostly ISIS. The rebels devastated that country. No gain for the U.S. thus it is so stupid policy to be added to the numerous stupid policies.

3. ISIS kills Christians for no reason other than they are true Christians.



{Just to mention some})

Click Here to view the petitions filed and soon will be filed to declare said statutes are in violation of both CA & US Constitutions.

Those petitions are the real test of the HONESTY AND INTEGRITY of the California Supreme Court Justices. It is the duty of news media to inquire about said petitions to check if those justices are honest or dishonest and if they are honorable or dishonorable. Judges like to call themselves Honorable however this is part of the deception of a devious and oppressive regime.

Judges in California are about 1750 but could range up to 1850. A lot of judges are DISHONEST with varying degrees of dishonesty thus a lot of them are DISHONORABLE. Misconduct is so prevalent among judges, Click Here  to read about said misconduct. Some are outright criminals like George Trammell III Click Here  or Here to read about his crime.  Sadly the commission on judicial performance is a disgrace.

The judicial system is paid for by the tax payer.  You are deceived if you think that you, without an attorney, can get justice from it. Your chance is less than 10% in getting justice. Moreover,  the law I am fighting is clearly unconstitutional since it does not treat every plaintiff the same. The law makers being of low I.Q. could not make a law which is consistent with Both CA and US Constitutions  Judges want to block any citizen who does not hire a lawyer from using the system. The judicial system is made primarily to benefit law school graduates (judges & lawyers) It is their playground and if you dare to go there they will kick you one way or another.
Read those petitions and you will comprehend the unequal treatment and the TERRIBLE HYPOCRISY

3. Supporting Terrorist Organizations is so Evil, (spending tremendous Money to do evil.)  Supporting rebels, who in due time, attack the US or its citizens like what happened in Libya. Turning over governments, some failed, meanwhile US government is spending your tax dollars without your consent, gaining nothing but the hatred of most of the people in those nations. All that is just pure EVIL.

4. Another Evil the US government did, is known as FAST AND FURIOUS. Thinking that giving away guns to Mexican cartel that drug dealers would kill each other and the goal was to stop or reduce drugs which come to the US through Mexico. Killing people it did but stopping or even reducing drugs coming to US, that did not happen. It is yet another STUPID POLICY, to be added to the so many stupid US policies. When the US government officials are going to use: The God given brains and an average brain I.Q. at the very least, instead of harming people!.  Most Americans are decent people,  hence the US government should be decent as well but only if the GOVERNMENT (in all levels) IS A TRUE DEMOCRACY which it is not.

Click Here to see a clip from an internet search of FAST AND FURIOUS.

4. Thanks to Russia which came to the defense of the Syrian Government and has degraded ISIS

5. The money we spent in supporting terrorism and the campaigns to overturn Governments should have been spent here in the USA.  One of the major objectives of the PEOPLE'S PARTY is to save our nation from STUPID POLICIES.

DEMOCRACY is Greek word for: The rule of the people NOT the rule of the government i.e. the people tell the government what to do and how to do everything. If you think that law makers represent you then you are either naive, a moron or being deceived big time.   Honestly do you have any say in anything in the USA or in your State or even in your local government!!! In local governments officials may listen to you but they will do whatever pleases them and big money (the contributors of their campaigns).                  
Moreover, try to speak to any one of them! They speak to you when they want you to vote for them. You are good for one thing which is: Pay their huge salaries and huge benefits (which they, not you decide how much). They TAX YOU to the MAX. Elections are like BETTING on horses hoping that your candidate of choice wins for you and and unlike horse racing in which you can change your bet in matter of minutes or hours, voting can only change in a number of years, you can bet on another horse (person if you will)  if you do not like the horse you chose in prior election. They DO NOT CONSULT YOU, they serve the persons who contributed to their campaigns

 5. One of the BIGGEST SET OF LIES in the late sixties till early seventies is:   The Apollo MAN missions to the Moon.  NEVER A MAN SET A FOOT ON THE MOON EVER and most likely never will happen.
I obtained my Doctorate Degree at age 22 in scientific studies. It was not in space studies however I used to get full marks in all Mathematical studies. The problem is not sending a man mission to the moon unless that mission is not coming back to earth. The reason is: The moon has gravity of about 16% of earth's gravity, granted that the moon's atmosphere is almost nil so there is no DRAG (resistance). So, in order for the craft to clear the moon's gravitational force it has to have fuel (solid or liquid) about 10% of what the rocket on earth has and a launching pad ALREADY ON THE MOON to accommodate the craft to go back to earth. That is near impossible to do.
click here to read more  




  2..  Although HOMELESSNESS is  a major problem in the US however because California has a mild weather more homeless people are in this state. There are about 3-5 million people are without homes in the USA. Homeless people come from different backgrounds however one of the major contributing factors is the lack of affordable homes. Instead of spending the money used to create terrorist organizations (about 30 billion dollars) That money could have been spent here to make affordable housing and improve Americans' lives. Also, instead of waging a war against Iraq, that cost the USA 2 Trillion dollars, that huge money should have been spent here to build more affordable housing plus pay one trillion towards reducing the National Debt. Of coarse, HalliBurton got most of the contracts in Iraq and made huge money. Do you realize the big time corruption.

6. The Korean war was STUPID WAR. Supposedly that war was about stopping the spread of COMMUNISM. If it was the will of the Korean people to be communists then the US had no business dictating or imposing its will on them. No one, if intelligent, fights IDEOLOGY with arms or weapons. An intelligent government fights ideology with better ideology, get it.  COMMUNISM IS A FAILURE What did the US gain from the Korean war? The answer is NOTHING. Communism spread to other Asian countries after that war.

7Vietnam was another STUPID WAR, supposedly was for the same purpose, hence it was very stupid as well. The loss of life of American soldiers in the Korean and Vietnam wars were so VERY TREMENDOUS. Such loss would not have happened but for the STUPIDITY of the US policies.  Republican and Democratic administrations were involved. What did the US gain from Vietnam war? The answer is DEFEAT and big humiliation.


  3.  In June 1978 a gentleman by the name of HOWARD JARVIS, a true American, A TRUE HERO.  All Californians owe a great debt of gratitude to him. Because of the efforts of this late HERO all property taxes were reduced to 1%.  69% of the voters approved said measure in June 78. Guess who opposed this honest HERO, the no good elected government officials. His organization still exists till today fighting for what is right. Said organization has 250K members while it should have at least 5 million contributing members. Every home owner in California should be a contributing member. The elected state officials were in uproars saying that the services will be severely cut and in fact they cared about their sky high salaries, benefits and outrageous pensions. Few months ago Jerry Brown said that those pensions amount to over 500 billion dollars and in fact said pensions could be close to one Trillion. Not to mention the employees of this state's 58 counties  and do not forget all employees of all the cities in California. Click here to read more about the late Mr. Jarvis and his organization which each home owner should join.

8. The war against Iraq  was yet another STUPID WAR. Deception and ulterior motives by the US government played a big role. The loss of life of Americans was at least double the loss of life in 9/11. Not to mention the soldiers who were maimed about 40,000 soldiers.    Is that STUPID or not !!!  Moreover, the loss of money of over 2 Trillion dollars created a strong depression in the US and was bankrupting the country.  Click Here to see which agency calculated it. One of the real victims in all those wars were the DECENT AMERICANS who do not have a SAY.

President Abraham Lincoln in The Gettysburg Address emphasized human equality (dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.) espoused in the Declaration of Independence (1776).  At the end: He said the FAMOUS phrase: that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. That speech was on November 19, 1863.  Obviously none of us were living then.  I call it Lincoln's dream. It declares the very obvious "EQUALITY" and ushers "DEMOCRACY" He would be rolling in his grave to see the US: An AUTOCRACY (in the true translation and sense i.e. the government rules by itself alone, and if I may add (of the worst kind). Equality between “races”, so to speak, has improved since then however if you read my petition to the California Supreme court (under California column) you find total inequality which makes a mockery of California's judicial system and "EQUAL PROTECTION".